Advanced Way of Smoking

Advanced Way of Smoking

In today’s era, everything is going electronic, from posting a letter to buying simple household stuff. Though cigarette smoking is injurious to health, why not turn it into a much safer addiction. After all, it is the e-cigarette (Electronic cigarettes). The electronic cigarette is the modern and safe form of smoking. It is designed to deliver nicotine with flavorings to users in a vapor instead of smoke. They are battery operated and are available as resemble of the traditional tobacco cigarette, cigars, pipe or even items like pen or USB memory sticks. Latest devices come with a fillable tank in which you can fill your desired level of flavored nicotine after it is empty. This is why it holds strong evidence to help people quit smoking. Overall, the safety element to the user is that it is smokeless tobacco. So what is the substance in it that makes smoking safe and impulse to quit smoking?

Getting inside the cartridges

So if you are probably wondering what kind of solvent is in the fillable tank and how vapor is emitted instead of smoke then you are at the right destination. Vapor comes from heating of a liquid which is known as e juice or e liquid. Smoke and vapor are different from each other. Smoke is a by-product of burning something whereas vapor is a by-product of heating. E liquid is suctioned through the coil while current from the battery passes through the coil and heat it. This is how you inhale the vapor. The ingredients contain Vegetable glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), Flavorings and if required then Nicotine. VG and PG are simply additives from the food industry used to sweeten or preserve food. Flavorings are added to create a taste to different users. The nicotine is the only toxic part of the liquid which is adjustable in your hand. E-liquids are also available in nicotine free, so the choice is yours.

Different blend provide different experience

The ingredients of your e juice stand responsible for different kinds of tastes. VG is thick in consistency and as a result, it creates lots of vapor. In return, it requires more power from the devices. A smaller low powered device may struggle to heat high-density VG blends. On the other hand, PG is thinner and therefore need less amount of power to create vapor. The amount of vapor produced is naturally less compared to VG blends. PG may also give you throat hits that are similar to the experience of smoking a traditional paper cigarette. The dense vapor from high-density blends along with nicotine delivers more nicotine in a person comparing to normal smoking. So, it is better that you reduce the nicotine level when you are inhaling VG blends. As the low-density blends are suited for low powered devices and provide fewer vapors it, therefore, tends to use a higher nicotine level so the vapor produced becomes dense. Ultimately the blend is a very crucial part and not all e liquid ingredients are agreeable for everyone.