Wednesday 27 October 2021
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3 Killer Off-Road Features to Look for in Your 4×4 Ford SUV or Truck

3 Killer Off-Road Features to Look for in Your 4×4 Ford SUV or Truck

A lot of pickup trucks and SUVs these days have earned the title “crossover vehicles” simply due to the fact that they can handle both regular travel on highways and roads and off-road paths more off the beaten trail. However, if you are looking for a true off-road machine in a four-wheel-drive Ford truck or SUV, there are certain features that will make it more off-road worthy. While you are shopping with Ford dealerships Indianapolis for an excellent off-roading vehicle, make sure you take the time to find these four features.

Higher-than-Usual Stature

When you take a vehicle on an off-road trail or path you never know what type of terrain you will experience. From thick brush and weeds to large rocks, the changing and diverse terrain in off-road situations can put the undercarriage of most vehicles through the ringer. If you want a Ford SUV or truck that is capable of withstanding such diverse travel, it is best to go for a four-wheel-drive model that has a higher stature than usual. Some new Ford SUVs and trucks come with lift kits factory installed, which means there is much more ground clearance and off-road travel will not be such a challenge–even when thing get a little rough.

Low-Range Four Wheel Drive

If you are just concerned about getting good traction on the highway in changing roadway conditions, the basic all-wheel-drive from Ford dealerships Indianapolis will work just fine. However, in off-road scenarios where the path could be anything from three or four inches of mud to slick gravel, you will want greater control over four-wheel-drive capabilities. Look for a Ford that gives you the ability to shift from high to low-range four-wheel drive. Low range four wheel drive is a much better gear when you need the extra pull on steep hillsides or in certain types of terrain because the wheels rotate at a slower speed, giving you ample traction.

High Level of Torque Output

There are no complaints about the level of power most modern Ford trucks and SUVs offer as it is, but when you head off into off-road places, the sticky situations you can get your vehicle into may sometimes call for more torque power. the higher rated a vehicle is where torque power is concerned, the more capable your truck or SUV will be to pull you out through sheer engine power when you get yourself lodged in a deep mud pit of need that extra boost of climbing power to make a climb over a large rock or steep incline.

The bottom line is, shopping for a vehicle which you plan to use mainly for off-road excursions is a process that takes special consideration. Talk to a Ford dealership in Indianapolis for more information about finding the best truck or SUV you need.