Wednesday 27 October 2021
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5 Reasons Why A Tennant Scrubber Is The Best For You

5 Reasons Why A Tennant Scrubber Is The Best For You

When people are looking for floor cleaning solutions for their businesses, floor scrubbers are usually on their mind. Not only business, but homeowners themselves are getting tired of the old tedious ways of house cleaning, which involve a mop and a bucket, not to mention intensive labor. People want innovation, and what a better way than a Tennant scrubber to eliminate all your floor cleaning woes?

There are a number of floor scrubbers in the market today, both new and refurbished, but what many people find themselves asking is “Where can I get the best scrubbers?” If you are looking to make a good purchase on equipment for cleaning solutions, a Tennant floor scrubber could just be one of your best choices.

Why a Tennant scrubber?

There are a number of reasons that make them unique and very desirable in the market today. Among those reasons include:

Competitive pricing

All floor scrubbers in the market today have variable prices. At times, they may be too expensive for your budget to handle while other times, these scrubbers may end up a little too cheap for your own good. Cheap is not always the best, as it could mean sub-standard products or equipment that will only last for so long. With a scrubber from a trusted brand, it is going to offer the cleaning solutions you need. Tennant scrubbers are offered at a competitive price range in the market.

You can even save money by opting for a refurbished floor scrubber. Many people shy away from buying refurbished products, and while not all may offer good performance, the preconditioned scrubbers can work well and are as good as the new ones.


One key attribute of a floor scrubbers is the ability to endure adverse surfaces. Some cleaning equipment are simply made to serve smooth tiled surfaces and once exposed to an alternatively rougher surface, it could mean the end of its functionality. This is not the case with scrubbers made by Tennant, as they are specially designed to last for quite a while, despite the surface that they are used on.

User friendly

As much as they incorporate modern technology and innovation, these scrubbers are easy to operate. They are very user friendly and are simple to use. Due to its simplicity of use, the Tennant brand scrubber is able to save a company a lot of time and money it would cost to have personnel be trained to effectively use a floor scrubber without destroying it.

Accessories at your disposal

Having a floor scrubber for your floor cleaning is always important, but without accessories, then you run the risk of slowed operations in the event of a setback. This is why the Tennant scrubber comes with some accessories to complement the machine. They include brushes and squeegees just in case the current ones are damaged. In addition, the installed brushes are easy to remove.

These are just a few features which make the Tennant scrubber a must have in any industry setting. Regardless of what type of business you are involved in, the issue of floor cleaning is always lurking and with an effective floor scrubber, you can bid goodbye to your floor woes.