Sunday 28 November 2021
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A Guide to Help You Buy the Right Cold Pressed Juicer

A Guide to Help You Buy the Right Cold Pressed Juicer

Healthy living and a proper diet has fruits and juices as their core components. Whoever is beginning a healthy diet and needs a proper juicer should go for a cold pressed juicer. A cold pressed juicer is a new revolutionary technology that ensures the highest retention of natural nutrients of the fruits and vegetables. It allows the users to have a ton of juice and delicious fruity taste as well without compromising on the fiber and nutrients.

If it is getting difficult for you to choose cold pressed juicers, then this guide would help you select the right juicer for your kitchen arsenal:

  1. Go for a Cold Pressed Juicer with a Streamlined Extraction Cup and Powerful Motor:

The most important part of a juicer is the cup as it collects the juice. It is important to look at the shape of the cup. It should be streamlined so that the extraction of the juice is smooth and easy. A streamlined cup allows smoother outflow, which means more juice would be collected in the cup and it would be next to ‘no wastage’.

Having a powerful motor allows the extracted juice to be collected into the extraction cup faster. Therefore, you would get the juice really quickly. No time would be wasted in waiting around for the juicer to finish function as the extraction is quick and fast.

  1. The Cold Pressed Juicer Should Have Different Filters:

Many cold pressed juicers come with a single filter screen. It is either fine-meshed filter screen or wide-meshed filter screen. A cold pressed juicer should have both these screens so that you can extract juice from both hard vegetables and fruits like apple, cucumber and carrot, and soft vegetables and fruits like orange, tomato and watermelon. Having different filters gives you the flexibility of using one juicer for all your juicing needs. Therefore, ensure that the juicer has both these filters rather than just one of them.

  1. Easy to Clean:

The most time consuming work in a juicer is cleaning it up. Remember to ask the vendor how the juicer is cleaned. There are some cold pressed juicers that come with special reverse action motors that ensure that there is no blockage in the juicer area. This allows the operation of juicing to be blockage-free, which in turn eases the process of cleaning. You would just have to clean the extraction cup and the filters and the rest of the juicer would stay clean on its own.

  1. Power and Motor Speed:

A cold pressed juicer should have maximum power of 250W and motor speed of 65 ± 5 RPM. Any juicer that gives maximum power lower than 250W is no good and motor speed shouldn’t exceed the given specification in a cold pressed juicer as these juicers use the concept of slow juicing to extract more nutrients and juice.

  1. Price Range:

A cold pressed juicer is available for as low as INR 6,000 or as high as INR 25,000, but going so high for a cold pressed juicer isn’t advised. It is not advised to go that low either. The lower models might have some important features missing. For instance, their motor speed might not be sufficient or they might have restrictions when it comes to type of fruits and vegetables that they can process. Therefore, always go for a mid-range cold pressed juicer that costs about INR 15,000 as it would have almost all the features and is worth the money you pay for it.

If your juicer has the following features and is within your budget, then you should buy it without thinking twice and make juice daily for healthy living.