Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Benefits of Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Benefits of Hypoallergenic Jewelry

People with sensitive skin are allergic to some metals. Nonetheless, having a sensitive skin does not mean you cannot wear an earring. All you need is to be careful with the types of earrings you buy. As a starting point, look for hypoallergenic earrings if your skin is sensitive to nickel.

Keep in mind that even pure silver or gold earrings may not be totally nickel free. Most of them are alloyed with nickel to increase strength. Therefore, read the label carefully to know what materials it contains. Whether buying online or in a store, make sure that the name, hypoallergenic earrings features on the label to ensure that they are safe for your use.

Jewels made from surgical stainless steel are safe to use for most people. As such, they are a less expensive alternative to the expensive earrings. They are considered as a good alternative even by people that do not have skin sensitivity. However, even if your earrings start to cause skin irritation, you have to consider certain measures. According to, limit your contact with elements that cause skin irritation. In fact, some parts of jewelries that cause skin irritation can be replaced. If your favorite earrings have started giving you discomfort, visit a local jeweler to replace those parts that cause irritation.

Hypoallergenic earrings protect your skin against complications such as itchiness, soreness, and redness. It is worthy to visit Hypoallergenic Daisy/Rose Crystal Earrings to choose from a variety of designs that do not cause skin irritation. Here, you find both simple and intricate styles of earrings. The company guarantees protection against reactions to their products. Visit for more information.

How to buy hypoallergenic jewelry

If you are allergic to certain metals, you need to be cautious about what you wear. Here are tips for choosing hypoallergenic jewelry:

Conduct a test

Before investing in earrings made of sterling silver, try wearing sterling silver necklace to test your skin reaction. If it elicits any reaction, avoid wearing earrings made of sterling silver.

Avoid metallic jewelry

Avoid nickel and alloyed jewelry if your skin is allergic to certain metals. Beaded earrings are a good alternative for individuals with sensitive skin. They are a fun and hypoallergenic alternative to metallic jewelry that cause irritation.

Think long-term

Although platinum necklaces are expensive than sterling silver necklaces, they do not cause skin irritation. In 10 years, you will likely have your platinum necklace, as it does not tarnish easily like sterling silver jewelry. Therefore, consider expensive jewelry as an investment.

Avoid nickel

Nickel is commonly used as a base metal in jewelry because it is affordable. Silver sterling jewelry contains at least 7.5 per cent nickel. Studies have revealed that one may not suffer from any allergies, but be sensitive to nickel. Such people are encouraged to buy platinum jewelry, as they are the best nickel-free metals. It is usually alloyed with iridium, which is hypoallergenic. Gold is also a good alternative for individuals with sensitive skin. However, nickel is found in some gold jewelry; therefore, choose a pure gold jewelry such as 18K gold.