Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Common life insurance mistakes

Common life insurance mistakes

You do not perceive the benefit of an independent wealth management advisor? However, are you sure to make the right choices for your financial and real estate investments, your tax, your retirement or the transfer of your wealth? The common mistakes – among many others – that may make you change your mind about this life insurance policies still unknown profession in our country.

  1. Invest in the life insurance policy of a traditional bank.

With a total of more than 1,600 billion dollars, life insurance is the preferred investment of the country. The problem is most of this wealth has been captured by traditional bank contractsto be invested in a risk-free dollar fund. Too bad, because there is much better! In addition to the often high entry fees and poor flexibility, the banks’ life insurance has dollar funds that show year-on-year returns of around 1 percentage point below the market average and 2 points compared to the best performing contracts. The rushbet sportsbook can be one of the ways to turn the situation, but it is a sport and it has the luck factor.

  1. Check the “default beneficiary” box of life insurance and never worry about it again.

A classic: without being alerted and advised when one subscribes a life insurance policy at the counter of his bank or the Internet, you fly over the clause beneficiary, as if it were a mere formality, and you check the box by default, usually written as follows: “My spouse not separated from the body, failing which my children, born or unborn, living or represented, in equal shares otherwise my heirs. Then, you never come back. However, this is an essential act since it defines who will return, on death, the accumulated capital, knowing that you can designate several people, allocate shares of unequal values ​​and modify the clause at any time. Therefore, it is a safe bet that the real wishes of the subscriber will not be respected.

  1. Put life insurance on all your financial assets.

Life insurance is great for passing capital tax-free. But you have to know reason to keep. Investing a large part of its financial assets in life insurance or all in the belief that one will transmit his wealth in the best tax conditions is wrong. Beyond 152,500 per beneficiary, there is much more effective, such as the revision of the matrimonial regime, the dismemberment of property with usufruct for children, or the constitution of a real estate company or portfolio.


  1. Succeed at offers too good to be true.

Yesterday, it was the Forex, i.e. the currency market, which was to allow even novices to earn several thousand dollars per month. Today, you should rush on the diamond. Regularly, individuals are strived to invest in a new miracle product. Internet sites, arguments and documentations are so convincing that thousands of victims are counted each time. In addition to the product risk, there is the risk of falling on scams, which will volatilize with money.