Console Gaming vs App Gaming

Console Gaming vs App Gaming

When it comes to gaming, what you choose to use can have a big impact on what you’re able to play. If you’re planning to enjoy some online games gambling, you’re goingto need a phone since the Nintendo Switch does not have an app for that.

However, if you want to explore the glorious wilds of an RPG, you’ll probably want a slightly more involved method than a touch-screen and that’s where you need to be getting your controller out.

But is there a superior method? Is there a categorical, statistical answer to which of these two methods of gaming is the best? There’s certainly data out there that shows the differences between mobile and console gaming.

In terms of growth, the gaming market had one massive upsurge with mobile owning more than half of the billions being generated. Consoles are also doing well, having  the second biggest segment, but there’s no denying the dominance mobile has. At least, in terms of sales. Can consoles bring something to the table that mobile can’t?

Check out this infographic below and judge for yourself!