Sunday 28 November 2021
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Dressing Ms Daisy: Dolling up your daughter

Dressing Ms Daisy: Dolling up your daughter

Your daughter has definite tastes and forcing her to wear something she doesn’t like will only result in tantrums. Here’s how you shop for your daughter – for the things she likes.

Your daughter is a sweet, adorable little munchkin who pretty much obeys your every wish – except when you try to force her to wear what she doesn’t want to. At these times, she becomes a screaming little person who defies everything you say. You wonder how you can ever get her to wear anything sensible.

Relax – children find their own groove when it comes to their personal clothing. Besides, she has the right to decide what she wants to wear. So the next time you want to buy kids wear online, follow this guide.

Ask her what she wants

Many parents make the mistake of assuming that since their child is quite young, they will not be able to make a choice in clothing and accessories. But however young your daughter may be, she will still have a favourite colour, design, type of dress, etc. She might not be able to fully articulate why she prefers pants over frocks, but she will certainly gravitate towards shorts and jeans more than frilly dresses. So the first step in shopping for kids wear online is to take into account what your daughter is most comfortable with. At the same time, do explain to her that she sometimes needs to wear dresses or salwar kameez sets for certain occasions – and they you will wear them too, so that you can match with your mini-me. When you shop for kids wear online, sit her down with you and let her browse the fashion site and select things she likes.

Study her choices carefully

Every person is different, and this is especially true of our sense of style. Your personal fashion may be more simplistic and practical, while your daughter might like lace frocks and other dainty items of clothing. When you browse kids wear online with her, pay close attention to the kind of clothing, shoes and bags she chooses. This will help you understand her inclination and set the right filters for shopping on the site – you can only look at dresses and skirts instead of leggings and pants, for example, to save time and hassle. Also show her options in her favourite colours. When she is allowed to pick what appeals to her, there will never be any tantrums when she wears the clothes.

Acquaint her with different clothing types

Her young age helps her absorb new information without judgement, so this is the right time to acquaint your daughter with fashion in its truest forms. Open a fashion website and show her different kinds of clothing, from tunics to dungarees, and from salwar kameez sets to jackets. She will learn about different styles of clothing and how to accessorise as well. Early grounding can help your little princess become a chic grown up who dresses well.

Pick clothing that suits her

Though you are giving her a choice when it comes to picking her own clothes, you might have to put your foot down in certain matters. For example, if she has a skin condition she should not wear fabrics like lace or gauze, which can get caught in broken skin. Similarly, you must explain why she cannot wear a choker or wear makeup till she grows up – this will also explain the concept of delayed gratification.