Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Enjoy the Liveaboard Trip with AYANA

Enjoy the Liveaboard Trip with AYANA

AYANA presents its guests with the opportunity to experience a new degree of exploration and uplifting activities with the intention to spark wanderlust and fulfill their adventurous soul.

After a leisurely breakfast at the restaurant in AYANA Komodo Resort, guests can sail from AYANA’s fashionable jetty to Komodo National Park.  The live aboard trip which departs on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday enables one to experience three days and two nights of island hopping bliss with circle of relatives-friendly sightseeing tours.

Activities involved in the Liveaboard trip

·         Diving and dive safari

The Indonesia liveaboard cruise starts with a diving and dive safari. The activity enables visitors’ to explore one of the world’s great dive web sites with a boat diving excursion around the Komodo National Park.

This is a unique experience in which traffic from across the globe gathers to; dive into Komodo’s pristine azure waters, view the vibrant tropical fish, swim with the manta rays and dive among the colorful coral reefs. For first-timers AYANA’s professional team affords a supportive and a fun environment to explore this rare stage of blanketed marine lifestyles.

·         Snorkeling

The AYANA beach resort is located at the threshold of one of the world’s most famed marine sanctuaries thus being surrounded by great underwater scenery.

One is assured of snorkeling in one million shades of blue waters while exploring the colorful tropical reefs which have plenty of various marine lives.

·         The Komodo dragon tour at Rinca Island

The island of Komodo, Flores is a unique habitat that houses Indonesia’s well-known Komodo Dragons. These dragons are the largest land reptile known in the entire world.

Visitors residing in AYANA’s Flores resort are taken on a tour guided by the resort’s expert rangers; the guests can then take pictures of the dragons in their natural habitats. AYANA’s memorable excursion also offers boat access to the Rinca Island since it only takes one hour from the resort.

·         Spa escape at the sea

AYANA offers the ultimate indulgence for one to enjoy the comfort of their air-conditioned suite or the outside environment of the resort’s boat beneath dramatic sailing masts.

The spa at AYANA takes its renowned logo across the world award-prevailing approach of wellbeing and beauty to the ocean, with a floating sanctuary designed to take your own family vacation, company occasion or romantic interlude to new heights.

One is assured of quality botanical substances, soft hand-spun linens, discreet therapists, and historic holistic traditions awaiting your spa escape at sea.

·         Onboard dining

All the necessary steps are taken to duplicate AYANA’s award-triumphing signature dining to that offered at the sea.

A complete day by day menu which ranges from healthful global breakfasts to indulgent European afternoon teas, are designed to enhance the visitors sailing package. VIP perks consist of a fully-appointed bar and unforgettable venues including a fantastically adorned dining room and candlelit tables set in opposition to the ship’s dramatic masts

·         The floating cooking classes

AYANA Lako di’a provides guest with the chance to fulfill their culinary interest with a completely unique cooking faculty experience aboard.

AYANA’s elegant kitchen and their dining room is the appropriate spot to learn all about the archipelago’s exotic cuisines from their own group of innovative chefs.

Guests also learn how to prepare new dishes using the exotic ingredients found in the Island and across the vicinity. Afterwards, the guests are rewarded with a scrumptious home cooked meal accompanied by their favorite drink.

Other inclusions found in the Package

 Some of the additional amenities and services included in the liveaboard trip are, airport transfer, a luxury accommodation at AYANA’s 5 star resort (the AYANA Lako di’a), luxurious meals served in the resort including unlimited soft drink and local beer, a very relaxing massage offered at the AYANA’ spa, marine biologist, entrance fees to the Komodo national park and a special room rate at the AYANA Komodo resort, Waecicu Beach.