Explore The Path Of Jesus With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Explore The Path Of Jesus With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Life is often full of hardships and struggles, and most people don’t know how to deal with the different things. Your life is meant to be enjoyed, and you can be young at heart forever. However, the deeper meaning lies in the path of God. You have to believe in Jesus and his teachings. Jesus has suffered for all, and he doesn’t want others to deal with the same ordeals. People often believe that they can seek the divine path later, and as a result, they live in hell.

Pastor Chris aims to use every possible means to show the real meaning of life through Jesus. Founder of the Chris Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been working for more than 25 years. After spreading love and demonstrating the character of the Holy Spirit in many countries, he is all set for Zimbabwe for the first time. The workshop and & communion will be held on May 7, 2017. In this post, we will talk about Pastor Chris and other aspects of the event.

Who’s Pastor Chris?

Chris Oyakhilome is a teacher, healing minister, bestselling author and pastor, who has helped millions of people in experiencing the real meaning of God’s word. His book Rhapsody of Realities is one of the best sellers in the devotional category and has been distributed in over 240 countries in 800 languages. The book continues to be published on other languages, as well. Besides writing, he is known to pastor one of the largest congregations in Africa. His events are often have millions of people, who want to explore the real meaning of life by following the divine ways of Jesus. He strongly believes that people can do better, if they accept Jesus as their savior. He has also added time and again that hanging out with Jesus will change one’s vision and lead to unexpected transformation, because life is all about learning and growth.

The event in Zimbabwe

If you are in Zimbabwe, mark May 7 on your calendar as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will be in the country for a first-ever event initiated by the Chris Embassy. The event will unfold at Harare at the National Sports Stadium from 2 pm. To get access ticket, you need to register for the event. You will find all the details on his personal website. You can watch the live streaming of the event at http://pastorchrisonline.org. Registered delegates can also ensure live participation at any of the designated viewing Centers or can check the event on their Android and iOS phones by downloading the CEFLIX mobile app. Thousands of people have already registered, and it is expected to be a great session, where Pastor Chris will talk about his experience with Jesus and will offer healing sessions to some of the participants.

Healing is possible, and God is always around to help you. Follow the life path shown by Jesus, and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will assist you in the divine journey further. Don’t miss on checking the web portal of Christ Embassy to know more!