Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Four Ways to Prepare for Life After Engagement

Four Ways to Prepare for Life After Engagement

If you’re getting married within a month, chances are, you’re feeling nervous and worried at the same time. You’ve already done enough shopping for your wedding, booked parlors in advanced, and your husband-to-be had already done his part. That is, to scour over the marquise engagement rings and find the perfect one for you.

Now, all you can think of is what would probably happen after the marriage– what your life would be. Stop worrying, and prepare yourself. Here’s how.

1. Be Ready For Your New Family: Accept Everyone As They Are

Know that everyone in this new family would be a little different from what you’re used to. They’ll have their own issues, temperament, and it might even take some time before you’d understand them fully.

What you can do is accept this new family as what they are, and just try your best to understand them. Everyone has two sides in a sense that, even if they’re not nice to you now, it doesn’t mean they’ll be like that forever.

You might like some of them, at the same time, hate a few. Whatever it is, try to extend your patience, and know that this is your family NOW. Accept them.

2. Have Your Money Under Control

This one isn’t only for those who are about to get married, but even for those who are still dating. It’s ideal that you know how to handle money well. Money is a tool, and in marriage, you and your spouse should be on the same book. What we’re trying to say is that, it’s critical that both of you know how much you are willing to spend, and how much you should save for your future.

When you must make big decisions regarding expenses, consult each other first. Although money isn’t that important, it’s still essential, especially if you’re just starting up.

3. Strengthen Your Relationship with God

The best marriages out there are the ones that include God. In fact, you wouldn’t know who you are until you discover who God is. Likewise, if we try to reflect who we are from the past, our occupations, families, and/or spouses, and focus on these, it would be difficult to adjust to your married life.

Your partner should complete you, and both of you should complement each other. You have to bring out what’s best in him, and he should do the same for you. It’s one of the ways to strengthen marriage. For that to happen, you should let God be the center of your marriage.

4. Don’t Forget Your Career

Even after marriage, you shouldn’t neglect your career. Although it’s alright to stop working, studies show that the number of divorce cases has increased, and most of them are from couples whom the woman have become dependent financially to her husband.

So, it would be better if you can still earn money for yourself, and you should just consider settling in your home once you have kids. Through this, you’ll be able to still show your husband that you’re an independent woman who can handle herself.