Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Guide on Denim Jeans – Why is it so popular among buyers?

Guide on Denim Jeans – Why is it so popular among buyers?

While shopping online or at the malls, you will undoubtedly be attracted to apparels, which come with cool prints, vibrant colors and superior quality. However, you will always find crisp blue denim jeans enjoying high sales. This clothing item never goes out of style. These attract teens and are even highly popular among the older generation. Here are the main reasons why such jeans are very popular among buyers.

High comfort

These are highly comfortable and low-cost jeans, and consist of bell-bottom jeans, boot-cut jeans and skinny jeans. These happen to occupy a huge place in the wardrobe of celebrities, who can be often spotted in them. Many people, especially fans and followers, imitate their example. A worldwide survey on denim found that 90% of wearers use denim clothing due to the comfort that they offer.

Long lasting

The durability of this woven fabric is another major reason for its popularity. In most families, jeans made of denim are handed over from parents to offspring and even beyond. Denim jeans are composed with white cotton filling yarn and a blue cotton warp yarn. These were used at one time in tough clothes, such as jackets and overalls, which makes apparels last for longer duration. The tough texture and sturdiness of denim was the reason that it was used in clothes worn by construction workers and lumberjacks.

Lower cost

Despite the comfort and durability that they come with, these jeans are low in price. You can never find denim stocks languishing in stores, as these are polished off almost as soon as they are unleashed.

  • Around 80% of buyers purchase them for casual wear.
  • The market for branded jeans witnesses an average growth of 30 – 40% every year.
  • As per a latest study, 86% of women in the age group 16 – 55 have named denim as their favorite clothing.

All-round wear

One major advantage with denim jeans is the fact that these can be worn throughout the year. Even in many offices, staffs and employees are permitted to wear jeans. These can be also paired with shirts, tees, tops and almost any type of clothing.

Style wear

Denim apparels are also very stylish to wear, and are high on the fashion quotient. Many big brands such as Lee Cooper, Baxx, Cippo, Arvind Mill and Levi Strauss are constantly bringing out better quality jeans with interesting colors, patterns and embellishments.

Author Bio: The author is a fashion designer by profession and is an expert at writing on apparels. He loves to use his spare time to write about different kinds of clothes and accessories.