Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Have Your Floors and Keep Your Money Too: The Cost-Effective Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Have Your Floors and Keep Your Money Too: The Cost-Effective Benefits of Laminate Flooring

Laminate is made of multi-layered synthetic materials that cover a flat surface comprised of fibreboard and melamine resin. The layers are then fused together through the lamination process, hence how the flooring receives its name. This process is similar to applying a protective laminate cover to a book, menu, or other piece of paper, obviously just on a larger scale.

Given that laminate flooring is basically a giant photographic applique under a clear protective surface, it is possible for laminate to mimic a number of other common flooring materials. Most frequently, laminate is made to look like hardwood. Property owners can choose the colour, tone, and stain of the hardwood they want to imitate with the laminate. Additionally, laminate can also have the appearance of tile, granite, or stone. The benefit of laminate is that it is cheaper than any of these other options.


Laminate can be installed for half the price of a hardwood floor. It is also significantly cheaper than laying carpet or setting stonework. In addition to being cheaper than these materials, it is also much easier to install. Unlike other flooring, laminate requires some patience and time commitment, but very little prior experience or training. This makes it an attractive option to those who want to do it themselves.

Incredibly Durable

As well, laminate floors are more durable than hardwood, carpet, or tile. The flooring is less likely than hardwood to scratch or warp, and it is resistant to the stains and smells that are frequently absorbed by carpet. Fewer stains and less damage equates to less stress for homeowners.


Laminate is also resistant to UV rays and will not fade or discolour, even in direct or continuous sunlight. This makes it a great option for well-lit rooms, entryways, and hallways where sunlight tends to create unevenness in the appearance of carpet and other flooring. The incredible durability of laminate provides property owners with continued cost savings down the road, as laminate needs to be replaced less frequently and repaired less often.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

It is still essential to maintain your laminate floors. Dirt and particles that remain in high-traffic areas can lead to scratches and marks on the floor, and liquid will cause discolouration and warping if it sits for a long period of time. Luckily, cleaning laminate floors is a breeze. There is no scrubbing on hand and knee or dragging the vacuum out of the closet, but simply using a cloth or soft broom to sweep and remove the dust and dirt.

Leads to Healthier Home

Laminate is one of the more hygienic flooring choices available to property owners. The synthetic material used in the multi-layer flooring is resistant to the growth of moulds and bacteria. The flooring is also resistant to pet hair, accidents, and smells. This significantly reduces the amount of allergens, outdoor agents, and germs that populate the home, which makes it a more sanitary, healthier, and safer place to live and raise children.