Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Healing And Growth With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – Event Scheduled For Zimbabwe

Healing And Growth With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome – Event Scheduled For Zimbabwe

Faith and belief can change many things. As a human, you might want a lot of material things, but do these things lead to spiritual growth? Probably no! While you can choose to remain young at heart, the mind needs to grow, and that’s only possible when you change your path towards the divine and start believing in Jesus. We all are mortals. We lose ways and often get embroiled in controversies and unexpected situations. If you believe in Jesus, you can explore the world in a new way.

Our pastor Chris Oyakhilome can help you in finding the path of Jesus. Best known as the founder of the Christ Embassy, he has worked for millions of people and helped them in their growth and development. He is holding a special event in Zimbabwe soon, and we are going to talk about the event in detail.

What’s the vision of Chris Oyakhilome?

Ministries and churches cannot help you, unless you take real leap of faith. Chris Oyakhilome believes that one can get freedom from the struggles by following Jesus. Jesus doesn’t want his people to struggle, because he has struggled for all of us. Pastor Chris wants to take the divine presence of God to different countries, so that people that believing in miracles and unexpected things that are possible as one follows the Christianity virtues and faith. He believes that the mind is capable of growing and the soul needs a path. Christ Embassy is much more than just a church – it’s a vision, which can heal, empower and offer the path of growth.

Get ready for the Zimbabwe event

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome invites you the world of amazing possibilities that’s ready to unfold in Zimbabwe on May 7, 2017. This will be a special Worship & Communion Service, which will be hosted by him. He is expected to talk about his vision and other things at the event, and one can expect to see real miracles as he takes people through the spiritual journey with Jesus. If you are interested, you can take part in the divine visitation by registering for the event. The event starts at 2 pm at the National Sports Stadium in Harare. For the first time, Chris Oyakhilome will talk to the people of the country and help in finding growth and success, without relying on the material things.

How to participate?

Delegates and participants need to register for the program, following which they will get an access ticket to the live event. Please note that live participation is also possible through one of the designated viewing Centers, and you can even check the program online. Live streaming will be available on Also, one can check the program and ensure their participation from any part of the world, by downloading theCEFLIX mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Our pastor Chris Oyakhilome is here to show the new possibilities with Jesus. Take part in this historic event, which is not just important for the people of the country but also for global citizens.