Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Healthy living and disability

Healthy living and disability

Most people know the benefits of healthy living. By eating good and consistently exercising, you can avoid or delay physical infirmities and limitations. Unfortunately, many find themselves in situations where they are subject to illness or other forms of disability. Many of these situations occur from no fault of the individual, but genetics or other factors.

Some suggestions to prevent sickness and disability from occurring, include: Make regular visits to your doctor
Engage in physical activity on a daily basis
Develop an exercise plan
Avoid dangerous or risky activities
Seek out medical treatment for lingering issues
Eat healthy and consult with a dietician

If you are disabled or suffer other health limitations, it is important to be aware of your rights. Many of these rights will allow you to receive the necessary assistance to help alleviate your disability and improve your overall health. An experienced disability lawyer can provide legal advice to help you learn more about what options are available.

A disability lawyer can explore whether funding is available through social security, workers compensation, disability insurance, or a personal injury claim. To receive disability related funding, you may be required to prove various facts. A disability lawyer will be able to assist with pursuing a claim and proving the necessary information to receive funds. In some cases, a request for funds may be denied. However, a disability lawyer can help pursue reconsideration and appeal efforts to contest wrongful denials.

Those who are disabled are also protected by a variety of federal and state laws. If individuals or businesses violate these laws, disabled persons may be entitled to various remedies. These laws help preserve the health of disabled persons and prevent discrimination. Many are not familiar with the laws and action can be taken to ensure compliance. Anyone who feels they have been mistreated as a result of a disability, should consult with a disability lawyer to learn what laws may apply.

An experienced disability lawyer, like those at Parmele Law Firm, will look out for the well being of their clients. The legal remedies available under state and federal law are intended to help disabled persons maintain and improve their health. They can pursue resources that can be used to help disabled persons receive the health services needed to have a more enjoyable life. Contact a disability lawyer to learn more about the remedies provided by the law.