Sunday 24 October 2021
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How to Choose the Best Smartphone for Your Requirements

How to Choose the Best Smartphone for Your Requirements

In the past decade and a half, mobile phone use in Australia has skyrocketed in popularity. In fact, Australia was an early adopter of new mobile phone technology and has very quickly moved into the smartphone market through telecommunications giants like Telstra and Optus. This push into an enthusiastic market has meant that consumers in Australia have a great deal of choice when it comes to choosing a new smartphone for their needs.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing a Smartphone

When choosing a new smartphone, it’s important to consider the following before breaking the bank:

  • Usage Patterns: Are you a light user, a medium user, or a heavy user? Many younger people use their smartphone all day long for checking and answering emails, sending text messages, using a wide variety of resource hungry applications, and streaming media. If you are a light user and just make a few calls and send a few messages, one of the lower end and cheaper smartphones may well suffice. Other hand, if you find that you need to charge the battery more than once per day, you are probably a heavy user and will need to look for a smartphone with some extra capabilities.
  • Operating System: There are three major phone operating systems vying for market share – Apple IOS, Android, and Windows. Though each type of phone will certainly be capable of making calls and sending texts, it is important to consider how you want to use the phone and which operating system feels most comfortable to you. Windows is certainly the simplest of the bunch, but offers little in the way of applications or customisation. IOS is intuitive and polished, but it is the most protected and “locked” system with regards to customisability. Android, on the other hand, is the most open and customisable of the three and is great for those who like to tweak and modify the system, but it occasionally comes with bugs. Each one of the three big players feature boons and drawbacks alike.


What Is the Best Smartphone?

The easiest answer is to say that the best smartphone in Australia is the one that suits a customer’s requirements. There are so many types and models to choose from that it can seem like a daunting task to choose the right one. Many people have their favourites, but the truth is that manufacturing costs have reduced so significantly in the past few years, that a good quality smartphone can be had for a good price. Innovative companies like Oppo, for example, actually offer a solid range of mid-level smartphones that are great for most types of users without skimping on power and ease of use.

Before spending money on a smartphone, it is wise to consider how much you will use it and what type of user experience you want. If you don’t need a high-end phone, there is no point in spending the money on one. On the other hand, if you need something constructed out of premium and durable materials that will be reliable at all times and allow for heavy usage, then a high-end phone may be ideal for you. It’s important to understand your own needs, and how they can be assuaged with the proper smartphone.