Wednesday 27 October 2021
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How to Create the Perfect Backyard Oasis

How to Create the Perfect Backyard Oasis

Designing and building a backyard sanctuary for you and your family to relax and play in is like adding another room to your home. Although it may seem overwhelming to plan and create a perfectly customized space to lounge and entertain in, you do not have to be a professional landscaper to pull it off. If you enjoyed designing and decorating the interior of the home you will no doubt be able to complete this project.

Oftentimes we do not take the time and energy needed to make our backyard a place we want to spend time in. It is easy to buy some patio furniture and call it a day, content with a lawn and a few shrubs and trees, however with a little effort, a yard can go from basic to beautiful. The Penticton real estate market has many properties with sizeable yards and the climate makes creating an oasis possible. Just follow these tips.

  • Find Inspiration

Of course it is difficult to look at the almost blank canvass of a backyard and turn it into something amazing without anything to inspire you. The first thing to do before lifting a shovel is to spend some time looking through gardening and backyard magazines to see what others have done to customize their space. Though you may not find exactly what you want it helps to see what you like. Pull elements together for a nice look.

  • Make a Budget

It is easy to pour lots money into a backyard project so coming up with a budget before starting to seriously planning is good idea. If you hope to build a new deck or add some water features finding out what these cost before moving forward means you won’t run out of money before the project is finished. Plants, flowers and trees can also add up quickly so knowing what you can spend is important.

  • Know What You Want

After reviewing a multitude of backyard design magazines and sites you should have an idea of what you like. However you also need to decide what you want in the space you are creating. Having children changes your priorities though it is possible to eke out your own corner of the yard as well. If kids are not a concern then perhaps entertaining is high on the list. Decide on priorities before beginning.

  • Consider What is Possible

Spend time in the yard before you do anything. Get to know it and figure out the constraints and what you have to work with. Elements like the region you live in and the size of the area influence your decisions. Decide what stays as is and what needs a major overhaul. If the deck is old you might want to start there. Consider shade trees and the topography of the land. Take stock but still dream.

  • Determine Priorities

After making a budget, deciding on a style and thinking about moving forward I suggest making a list of priorities and choosing what are your must-haves and what are your maybes. For some people an amazing outdoor cooking and eating area is essential while for others a nice place to hang a hammock and relax is key. You do not have to do everything in one year so plan wisely in order to eventually have it all.

  • Build a Design Plan

If you are good with space and drawing get out a large piece of paper and start designing the backyard you dream of. If this is not your strong point get one of the many garden and landscaping software programs found online. These tools can help you plan like a professional. This is a good way to see what actually fits and whether it looks great in the long run.

  • Be an Educated and Organized Shopper

Once you have finished all of the above steps it is time to head out on the town. In most areas there are a number of garden and outdoor stores to choose from so spend a day or so checking them all out before making a single purchase. When you are ready to spend the money go in with a plan so you do not find yourself making unexpected purchases.

  • Get to Work

There is no getting around the fact that building the perfect backyard oasis is going to take some serious time and energy. Try to have fun with it and do it in stages so you do not get burnt out. Most of all though have a good time and enjoy being outside.