Wednesday 27 October 2021
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How well does Duromine 40 mg work for reducing fat?

How well does Duromine 40 mg work for reducing fat?

People consider buying Duromine 40 mg when they want to lose weight and lose it fast. The medication is known for giving you a drastic affect on eating patterns and you can lose extra pounds. Duromine 40 mg is the highest dose available and doctors only prescribe this for the obese. People who only have health issues would be prescribed this drug – issues like heart conditions, diabetes and high blood pressure are related to obesity.

Who manufactures Duromine 40 mg?

The 40 mg Duromine products are produced by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, and it is a division of iNova Pharmaceuticals. The company has been in business since 2001, and they have several other types of Duromine sold by them. You can consume the dose between 15 mg to 40 mg daily, and you would also get types among these by this company.

Main Ingredient

Phentermine is the main ingredient of Duromine. You can say that this is the brand name of Phentermine and it works like an active ingredient. It is an anorectic product so it controls appetite. These can be legal if properly used, but you would need prescription for verifying proper usage.

How to consume?

Traditionally, people only consume one capsule of Duromine 40 mg every day. It is to be taken one hour before breakfast. If you don’t take it before breakfast, you need to wait for 2 hours after your meal and then take the medicine. You must not crush, crack or break the capsule. You can swallow it with water.

How to buy?

In most countries, you can buy Duromine with a prescription. However, there are online brands like Chemist Warehouse where you can buy the drug online. Buying online would save you some money as the pharmacy prices are higher. In Australia, you might find per capsule sold as $3 lesser than original when bought online!

Although it is illegal to buy these without prescription, you won’t get in legal trouble if you source it from outside. However, if it arrives in your mailbox you can get into legal trouble. There are also concerns with counterfeit diet pills and these might not have correct formulations.

It is evident that online pharmacies would sells to companies where the drug is illegal if bought without prescription. It is a risky move as the drugs can be confiscated by the government and you could harm yourself.

Side Effects

You should not use Duromine 40 for a long time – it shouldn’t become a habit. There have been misuse of the drug and that has been seen to lead to side effects. It is wise to follow recommendations and directions to not get into any trouble.

You must consider the side effects of Duromine. It is powerful medicine and can have harsh effects. Some people have reported having headaches and body shaking. Other people have reported insomnia, loss of concentration, nausea, and more. You could also face depressions, chest pressure, cramps, and more.