Sunday 28 November 2021
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Is Phentermine An Amphetamine Or Narcotic? Is It Safe?

Is Phentermine An Amphetamine Or Narcotic? Is It Safe?

Phentermine is a stimulant and is considered to be closely linked to the amphetamines. It is commonly used as appetite suppressant and is also recommended for the weight loss. It is also used for curing those individuals who have been diagnosed with the co-morbidities or high medical risks like high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol.

Why Is Phentermine Classified As A Controlled Substance?

The Phentermine is considered as narcotic and has same structure as that of amphetamine. It has the ability to decrease appetite and belong to the class of medication called as anorectics. It is considered as weight loss supplement for the short term use, when effectively combined with the exercise or low calorie diet. The most common prescribed name is lonamin and Adipex-P.

Phentermine is also considered as sympathomimetic amine. These are the agents which initiates the responses which are similar to the responses produced by the adrenergic activity like increased activity of the nervous system. There are a number of mechanisms of the action that are involved while using it for curing the obesity.

This particular drug is not only responsible for affecting the central nervous system, but also the functioning of hypothalamus, which is responsible for various regulatory functions in body including the appetite. As it generally affects the nervous system, it has been classified in the schedule lV narcotic in the US.

Is Phentermine An Amphetamine or Narcotic?

Phentermine has been classified as controlled substance as it is often been abused by its users. It has a number of side effects from minor to serious. Some of the side effects include diarrhea or constipation, metallic or unpleasant taste in mouth and dry mouth.

Phentermine has been considered as safe if taken under the supervision of the professional healthcare for the short term use. The recommended dose is determined as per the body mass index of a particular person related to the weight, height and any other contributing factor.

It can be a risk factor for the individuals who are experiencing high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. Various physicians and specialists often consider it as a part of potential drug abuse when it is utilized for the weight loss. However, the common dose is determined as the particular body needs of a patient.


Doctors would always prescribe the lowest possible dose fir the efficacy. It is also important that you first discuss the relative effects of this supplement with your health care professional.