Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Keep Clean and Carry On: The Importance of Pond Filtration Systems for Home Water Features

Keep Clean and Carry On: The Importance of Pond Filtration Systems for Home Water Features

Exterior decorating isn’t just one of the best ways of showing off your home to the world, but also one of the great joys of being a homeowner. You get the chance to express yourself by creating a bold new space that’s entirely your own, a privilege which is pretty special and rare these days, when you think about it! We are lucky enough to live in an age where not only is exterior decorating recognised for the art that it is, but in addition, this art is more popular than ever. More and more homeowners are realising that putting money into their homes via elegant decorating projects adds to the overall value of their home, is a great long-term investment, and with the DIY craze sweeping the world, it’s all the rage to boot!

Here, then are just a few things to look for in pond filters, one of the most important components of any exterior décor setup that includes ponds, fountains, or other water features.

Why Get a Filter?

Few things make a front lawn look classier than a well-placed, well-chosen, and well-maintained water feature. There’s just something about the interplay of something as natural (and, indeed, naturally elegant) as water and the fine craftsmanship of a fountain or pond which makes for an immaculate, eye-catching display.

That is, of course, assuming you keep that “well-maintained” part of the equation in mind. As sure as a nicely crafted fountain can wow onlookers, unfiltered, odiferous water oozing with algae and slime can get them to get them to turn up their noses at your décor just as quickly. What’s more, if you are keeping any plant or animal life in your pond, they will not survive if the water which sustains them is not properly filtered.

Compatible Models

It’s worth noting that filtration systems are not “one size fits all.” You cannot simply pop in any old filter and expect it to work with any given pond or fountain. You thus want to make sure that any water filtration system you buy is compatible with the machinery which powers your water feature.

It’s likewise important to ensure that a filtration system is compatible with the water feature itself. Few things detract from the natural elegance of a pond like a big filtration system sticking up out of nowhere. You thus want to find a filter which can fit unobtrusively into your pond setup.

Power vs. Quiet

You want your pond filter to be highly effective—the consequences of letting your pond water simply sit around have been already explained. That said, while a high-power filter can be extremely effective, some models are certainly louder than others. While it’s true that murky, filthy water will detract from the serenity and majesty of your pond, so too would an obnoxiously loud motor. You thus want to find the right balance between power and silence when it comes to selecting a filter for your water feature.

Beautify your home with an immaculate fountain, pond, or water feature today, and keep it clean with a great filtration system.