Sunday 24 October 2021
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Let’s go to the park!

Let’s go to the park!

Summer always makes us love the idea of for picnics. And if we were abroad, one of these parks would be ideal to spend these sunny days.

Villa Borghese, Rome

Located near the famous Spanish Steps, north of Piazza di Spagna, Villa Borghese is a large public park / garden in the Italian capital where, besides rich gardens and greenery, it has a lake, temples, fountains, statues and various museums. More famous is the Borghese Gallery and Gallery with a collection of sculptures, some of the important works by Canava and Bernini and paintings by various virtuoso artists such as Titian, Rubens and Raphael. And of course … a lot of picnic area.

Champ de Mars, Paris

If you are in Paris, Champ de Mars Park is not going to get you away, as it is next to the city’s trademark, the Eiffel Tower, in the 7th district of Paris. It is a green oasis in the city center, where locals and tourists enjoy the sun, eating baguettes, cheese and drinking wine.

Tiergarten, Berlin

In the center of Berlin, the Tiergarten is a public park of about 210 hectares, an area that puts it in second place in Germany’s largest urban gardens. Although it began in the 16th century as a hunting area for the king, today it is a recreational park where frisbees give and take, joggers are hundreds of daily and picnics are not missing out on the grass.

Parque del Retiro, Madrid

Madrid’s main park, Parque Del Retiro, is in 2nd place with places to visit in Madrid, according to TripAdvisor, so it is not surprising that it is full of people who enjoy the green. It was once a Spanish monarch, and today there is an artificial lake in the public park where guests can rent a boat, a rose garden, two museums and endless nature. Once you explore it, you will see that the next move is to relax on the grass for either picnic or siesta.

Central Park, New York

One of the most famous parks in the world, New York’s Central Park, has a length of 50 squares and is a right haven from the tall buildings and lively streets of Manhattan. New Yorkers flock to their favorite park every day, and of course there are also tourists exploring their paths, the lake, the amphitheater and the endless grass. In a city where space is gone, Central Park has plenty of space for walking, relaxing and picnic.

Hyde Park, London

There is a reason why Hyde Park is London’s most famous park, since besides its vast expanse, it has the well-known Speaker’s Corner, or “Speaker’s Corner”, one of the most famous places in the world, since 1855 many people have spoken about their political views with Winston Churchill, George Orwell, Karl Marx, and George Bernadet. Let’s just say a few of them – even today people are being gathered there for open-air public speeches, dialogue and debate. Hyde Park also has more than 4,000 trees, the Kensington Gardens, a memorial dedicated to Princess Diana, a holocaust memorial and many other interesting things for guests. After their picnic, many people rent boats, swim in Lake Serpentine and ride. If you do not eat heavily, we recommend it.

Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

In the Tsim Sha Tsui area of ​​Hong Kong, Kowloon Park is the ideal destination for those who have finished shopping and sightseeing in the area and want to come out for a while from the urban environment and relax in the lake with the flamingos in one a place hosting 100 different kinds of wild birds, sports facilities, a swimming pool and several points for … an arcade.

Bali Juice Park

The best way to end a relaxing day at the Ayana Resort and spa Bali is by visiting the Juice Park and enjoy your cocktail sitting on a comfortable pillow. One of the best choices on the island, that should not be missed.