Sunday 28 November 2021
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Minor Auto Accident? 3 Times When You Must Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Minor Auto Accident? 3 Times When You Must Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Car accidents are often portrayed as traumatizing on the big screen. However, minor fender benders happen every day that people easily walk away from. While it is always great to see both parties up and around after a wreck, it is important to avoid brushing off the need for medical care just because you don’t feel immediate pain. Sometimes, auto accident injuries take days or weeks to appear, which makes it even harder to recover compensation for your medical care. While you should always get check out after even a minor accident, these three situations warrant a prompt trip to the doctor.

 Unusual Symptoms Appear

Most people expect to feel pain when they are injured or see visible evidence that trauma occurred such as bruising. However, injuries that affect your head or nerves can cause other symptoms besides pain. For example, you may notice numbness or a tingling feeling in a limb that has sustained nerve damage. You could also experience dizziness, difficulty thinking or mild memory loss after a head injury. It is also important to never underestimate the emotional consequence of an accident. Reliving the events of the wreck in your mind or experiencing anxiety every time you get back behind the wheel are additional symptoms that should be discussed with your doctor. If your doctor does find health problems that are suspected to be due to the collision, make sure to ask for your medical records to give to your auto accident attorney Houston residents rely upon for helping them get compensation.

 A Child Was Involved

Children are not always able to express the symptoms they experience, and their tiny bodies are more vulnerable to the effects of minor accidents. After an accident, you should take your child to be examined by a licensed physician, even if they do not have immediate symptoms. This is because things such as dizziness may not be apparent to you, especially if they are not walking or crawling yet. It is also important to have their booster or car seat replaced after the accident to ensure their safety during future travels.

 You Are Pregnant

Even minor accidents can cause serious injuries to pregnant women and their unborn baby. After an accident, you are at greater risk for miscarriage, stillbirth and placental abruption. For this reason, it is advisable to always go in for a checkup after an accident. During your exam, your physician will check on the health of your baby to make sure that the pregnancy hasn’t been affected. If you experience vaginal bleeding, pain in your abdomen or vomiting, then you should head directly to the emergency room.

 When you are vulnerable to serious injuries, making a prompt visit to your doctor is the only way to ensure the wellbeing of you or your child. It also helps your auto accident attorney Houston drivers rely on gather the information they need to help you with your claim. While it may seem silly to be checked out when you aren’t feeling symptoms, having an injury diagnosed as early as possible gives you the best chances for a successful recovery.