Sunday 24 October 2021
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Nigeria News

Nigeria news has already established a vibrant, intriguing and fascinating history. Typically, Nigeria news was sent with a number of local instruments: drums, stays, gongs, fire, and voice e.t.c.

The neighborhood individuals have to find away out to deliver news of pleasure, dying and war for their community without the advantages of mobile phones, radios, tv and all sorts of most advanced technology.

This is when the storyline will get interesting.

The folks devised methods to communicate lengthy distance using the ‘famous speaking drums’. It’s fascinating to look at masters of the act send and receive messages basically by beating a drum. Towards the unwary viewer, the drummers are leading to a cacophony of sounds, but towards the trained ears from the drummers an active, heated argument or conversation similar to mobile phone chat nowadays is happening.

In jest, drummers happen to be recognized to question the wonder and womanliness from the other community and strength of their male folk. The drum was a fundamental element of the communal existence. The drum marked calendar of festivals from the towns. It recorded deaths, births.

Today, Nigeria News is sent mainly with the radio, newspaper and electronic version. First, Nigeria news was sent with the newspapers, condition possessed radio and then government possessed Tv producers. Throughout these periods, the federal government had monopoly of distribution of knowledge to Nigerians. Over time, private possessed newspapers, television and radio stations came aboard to challenge the federal government possessed companies.

A few of the r / c:

Radio Nigeria (government possessed)



Protector Newspaper

The Sun’s Rays Newspaper

ThisDay Newspaper

The Country

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