Sunday 28 November 2021
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The Benefits of Having Frameless Shower Cabins

The Benefits of Having Frameless Shower Cabins

Shower cabins or enclosures are typically made from glass panels that are placed together to create an enclosure for the shower area. Most of these enclosures have frames that do not just create a decorative accent, but also support the glass panels and ensure that they do not easily break. There are shower enclosures that are frameless. There are various advantages to getting one and here are some of them.

  1. Gives the Bathroom a Contemporary Look

Modern homes are adopting a minimalist look and having a bathroom with a frameless shower cabin is an effective way to make this area of your house look modern or contemporary. While there are now enclosures with designs on their frames, one that is frameless give a seamless and elegant feel. If you are looking for a subtle but effective way to make your bathroom up to date and look elegant, having a frameless shower cabin is one way to do this.

  1. Adds Value to the House

Not only does having a frameless shower enclosure enhance the look of the bathroom, but this will also increase the value of your home. A modern addition to the house, including this one, will make your property more sellable and competitive when it comes to price.

  1. Easy to Clean

Cleaning a shower enclosure with various parts, such as frames, can be complicated. You need to exert extra effort to ensure that every corner of the enclosure is clean, including the frame and the edges where they meet. This is not a problem with a frameless shower enclosure as it is all made of glass. There are no frames to think of, making it more convenient to clean and maintain.

  1. Can Last for Years

Most of the framed shower enclosures available on the market are made of thin glass, which is more prone to breaking. They also have more parts making them more at risk of trouble. The more parts a thing has, the more probability that it could get damaged. These risks are not as high with a frameless shower cabin. This is because it has fewer parts, and as long as you choose thick glass, it will not break that easily, thus it could last for years.

  1. Makes the Bathroom Look Bigger

Having frames in your shower enclosure can make the bathroom space look smaller. This is because it gives a distinct separation between the shower area and the other parts of the bathroom. On the other hand, a frameless shower cabin gives that continuous feel so the bathroom still appears bigger.

Consider the benefits of having a frameless shower cabin to determine if this is something that you want for your bathroom or not.

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