Wednesday 27 October 2021
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The Truth behind Repetitive Strain Injuries

The Truth behind Repetitive Strain Injuries

Whether you work in a busy office or on a factory floor, repetitive strain injuries happen to millions of people every day. Although RSIs are often considered as a normal part of working such positions, certain injuries may entitle you to receive monetary compensation. The more you devote yourself to your work, the more you deserve proper care after sustaining an injury due to your dedication and hard work.

Your employer is legally bound to help avoid and prevent work-related repetitive strain injuries. Therefore, he or she must offer every opportunity and strategy available to keep the environment safe. It is also an employer’s responsibility to ensure an injured employee does not encounter a situation that can worsen the problem. If you have evidence that your RSI was caused by your employer’s neglect of these legal responsibilities, you may be entitled to compensation for your condition.

Why a Solicitor

Hiring a solicitor to help you present your repetitive strain injury claims significantly increases the amount of compensation that you win. Most personal injury lawyers receive payment only if you succeed in your case, which gives them a huge incentive to work as hard as possible. In addition, they know every small detail regarding personal injury law and which complex components support your RSI case.

Professionals also understand how to find and present evidence of your injury, which can mean the difference between winning and losing your case. Though you may have the evidence, misrepresenting the facts or misunderstanding the information’s worth may cause you to unintentionally harm your case during the proceedings. If you have someone with years of experience and expertise by your side, you should feel significantly more comfortable as you move through your case.

Important Facts About RSI

An estimated 4.7 million working days were lost during the year of 2003 and 2004 due to RSI in Great Britain alone. Many informal surveys also discovered that one third of workers who held computer jobs showed the early signs of RSI conditions. The statistic reveals a significant increase in injuries when compared to the last 10 years, and the number will continue rising as more people use computers and similar equipment daily.

Common repetitive strain injuries are categorised as non-specific upper limb pain, such as “tennis elbow,” tendinitis, and more. As the name suggests, repetitive actions, such as typing or copying papers, are the key cause of these injuries. Using computers may also strain your eyes, which accounts for 10 million eye exams performed in the United States annually.

A professional solicitor helps you find the necessary proof to hold your case steady. Furthermore, he or she also prepares the documents, files the important paperwork according to deadlines, and provides peace of mind. On average, individuals who make RSI claims alongside an experienced legal expert receive 30% more compensation. The difference is significant, and you can use the additional compensation to manage your RSI symptoms and the resulting changes in your life.