Sunday 24 October 2021
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Well-Serviced Mercedes Is Safe From Sudden Road Side Breakdown

Well-Serviced Mercedes Is Safe From Sudden Road Side Breakdown

Mercedes-Benz is a brand popular for its appearance and performance. No other SUV brands have invented the same icon that represents luxury, power, speed, reliability, and durability for executives, families, and adventurers alike.

Since 1886, Mercedes has made certain that car owners got the best in terms of engine technology and car design. Mercedes needs to be serviced well for better performance. Never ignore their service dates or warning lights.

Why is Mercedes service crucial?

Service intervals are regulated by the manufacturer, carefully. They are planned to fulfill certain tolerances and life-spans related to elements like coolants or oil.

Taking your SUV to the local Mercedes Nashville service station at correct time helps to maintain car performance, keeps MPG figures high, and saves you from sudden road-side breakdowns. Just imagine a sudden breakdown late in the evenings and waiting for assistance to arrive.

Full service history helps to maintain residual car value. You can get good price for the car at pre-owned dealership with fully stamped service history.

Mercedes service and repair

Mercedes is a luxury car and to maintain it visit a garage that provides quality servicing and repair work. Make sure the garage has the right kind of diagnostic tools and mechanics familiar with Mercedes G-class technology.

In case, there is a part to be replaced then ensure that the proprietary ones are used. For example, the right filters and fluids need to be used for keeping the SUV working well on the road.

Should Mercedes be taken to the dealers for service?

Many owners think that taking their Mercedes to an independent garage service can void their warranty. This is not a requirement – you can take your SUV to any other mechanic for servicing and repairs. Actually, Mercedes dealers make you believe that the local repair facility does not have correct diagnostic equipment or tools or skills for service or repair on your SUV.

Most of car dealers depend on repair and service business for their survival. Independent garage or service stations are operated by high skilled mechanics. There is lot of price difference between the local garage service and repair cost than the Mercedes dealers. It is studies that dealers charge 25% more than the independent repair shop.

Dealers bet that they are only ones, who can get proprietary fluids, oils, and factory parts. In addition, they are the only ones, who have knowledge about the necessary maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, the independents survive on word-of-mouth and good reviews from their customer. Customer’s interest is first priority and satisfying them they attain their goals.

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