Sunday 28 November 2021
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Why do I need a coffee table in the interior?

Why do I need a coffee table in the interior?

Simply because such furniture items can be used as a stand for cups or various small accessories. Coffee tables usually include remote controls, newspapers and books, vases, statues, photographs and houseplants stand. Sometimes the design of these furnishings involves the presence of shelves or drawers where various small items can be folded.

It is quite a suitable stand for the laptop, especially in the teen’s room. And some models are so multifunctional that they can become even ordinary seats, especially if the table top is covered with soft material.

The center table can be used as a decorative object, which is often used by interior designers. This is not surprising if you look at photos of various models from famous industrial design companies. They can be put up with anything, literally: coffee tables-aquariums or as huge clock stands-all this is simply mesmerizing, but also requires special interior decoration!

Types of coffee tables:

  • In shape: oval, round, rectangular, square, polygonal and arbitrary shapes;
  • Height: standard models – 40-50 cm, but there are variants of both very high and very low tables (their height is inversely proportional to the area of ​​the countertop);
  • Frame Material: wooden, glass, metal (including forged), plastic. You can even make a coffee table with your own hands from pallets or plasterboard. Design tables can be used as a support for snags, stumps, deer horns, bronze or wooden animal figures, chrome feet of minimalist forms, etc.
  • On the basis of material of the table top: natural wood, laminated chipboard, wicker (rattan, vine), leather or fabric upholstery, Plexiglas, tempered transparent or tinted glass, plastic, veneered MDF, metal sheet, mirror, natural and artificial stone, ceramic mosaic. The materials used can be combined to achieve a special decorative effect;
  • Depending on the ability to move: mobile (on wheels) and stationary;
  • Ordinary and transformers, which, if necessary, can be turned into a full-size dining table. The latter are a big search for owners of small apartments.