Buying a Newer Model Used Car? Don’t Miss These Tech-Savvy Features

Buying a Newer Model Used Car? Don’t Miss These Tech-Savvy Features

There are few investments more exciting than the investment in a new ride, even if that ride is not technically brand new. There are many Bismarck used cars available that have only been in service for a few years and by all rights, this will be a new car for you. One of the biggest perks of buying a newer model vehicle is the fact that you get to explore and pick out some of the latest features that you just have to have. Here is a quick look at some of the more tech-savvy features you should be looking for as you shop for a newer model used car.

Use your smartphone for keyless entry.

If there is one thing most drivers have in their hand when they go to get in their car, it is their smartphone. Therefore, the latest smartphone feature for drivers just makes a lot of sense. There are actually some modern vehicles that have an app you can download so you can use your smartphone as a keyless entry method. This can be incredibly useful if you lock your keys in the car or even if you lose your keys and still need to get inside of the vehicle. Some vehicles even have such an advanced smartphone integration that you can actually start and shut off your vehicle using your phone.

Find a new way to park in tight spaces.

Picture a crowded parking lot with traditional bay spaces and consider how difficult it can be for you to maneuver into a tight spot without endangering yours or another vehicle. Wouldn’t it be great f there was a way your vehicle could just park itself? Lucky for you, one of the more modern tech-savvy features of cars is the ability to assist drivers with troublesome parking, whether it is in a traditional space without a lot of wiggle room or the ever-intimidating parallel parking space. Cars that have this ability are equipped with a round of sensors that detect the distance to an object, so when you need to park, the car just takes over and does the dirty work for you.

Avoid collisions with an onboard warning system.

Some modern vehicles have taken tech savvy ideas to help boost the safety of the traveling vehicle overall, which is definitely something you need to check out while shopping for Bismarck used cars. Collision warning systems actually sound an alarm over the speaker system when you get too close to a vehicle or object in front of you or even behind you in some cases while in reverse. Some cars that have this integrated warning system also have the ability to slow down the vehicle through an override if you do not react to a warning.