Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Tips for Hiring Miami Movers

Tips for Hiring Miami Movers

Moving is stressful, but with the right moving company, you won’t have to worry about getting your possessions to the new home in good condition. Carefully vet any moving company before making a decision. Use our tips for hiring Miami movers.

Get an In-Person Quote

Some moving companies will try to give you a quote over the phone based on a description of your current home. There’s no way that this can be accurate. After all, some people are pack rats and some are minimalists. People who choose a company based on an over-the-phone quote are typically surprised by higher fees at the end of the move. Make sure that the company comes to your home and sees everything you need to move. Don’t forget to show them the basement, attic, and garage if you have belongings in there. When the company knows what you have, they can do a better job providing an estimate.

Book Early

Moving companies are typically busiest at the beginning and end of the month. In Miami, they’re also incredibly busy during the times when college students are moving in and out of their apartments. If you need to move during these busy times, it’s smart to make reservations with the moving company a few months in advance. On the other hand, you may be able to get better rates by scheduling a move mid-month.

Pack Things Yourself

Many moving companies also offer packing services. For an extra fee, they’ll come into your home and put everything into the boxes. This is a great no-stress way to get your move done, but it usually comes with a steep price. Save money by packing things on your own. This also helps ensure that you know where everything is. When you move in and are looking for your favorite pan, you won’t have to open all of the boxes to find it.

Ask About Extra Fees

While an in-home quote should be fairly accurate, there are some things that the moving company may charge you for on the day of the move. For instance, you may have told the company that the new place was a third-floor apartment, but you didn’t mention how narrow the staircase was. Increased maneuvering means increased time and increased costs for you. Before you sign the contract, ask if the quote is a firm quote or whether they might change it based on the time it takes.

A good moving company should provide you with a high level of service. Don’t be afraid to shop around to get the best deal.