Wednesday 27 October 2021
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3 Must Visit Offbeat Countriesin 2018

3 Must Visit Offbeat Countriesin 2018

Deciding what will be your next destination is one of the most exciting phases in planning a trip. That’s why you will always love the annual charts of popular countries for the following year. Nothing has changed! This list of countries to visit absolutely in 2018 achieved thanks to seasoned travelers inspired you for sure ideas for the New Year!

Destination trends, novelties around the globe, must-see countries in a lifetime … Whatever their reason for appearing in this list of countries to see in 2018, the following places will tickle your desires to escape and fill your bucket list for the coming year!Now, keeping the virgin casino promotional code on your phone for recreation, go ahead for the place.


Want to escape without having to cross the entire globe? Why not make a jump in the Azores archipelago? For those who do not know this little corner of paradise, it is a set of nine volcanic islands belonging to Portugal, located in the middle of the Atlantic. Simply because it is a destination still preserved from mass tourism and probably not indefinitely given the growing number of low-cost lines that are being opened to rally it.

Finally for the last hesitant, it is important to emphasize the calm and tranquility of the place, as well as the extreme kindness of the premises. It is, so to speak, a real haven of peace! To summarize, it is a must for us, and it is certain that the Azores will become very quickly for many more people. So you should not wait another minute to make our year 2018 an Azorean year!

South Africa

Thebest country to visit in 2018 is South Africa. While animal species are every day a little more threatened by the destruction of their habitat, global warming, poaching, South Africa is betting on the protection of fauna and flora. These are entire parts of the country that are sanctuaries for wild animals.

The Kruger Park is probably the best example: in a large wild reserve like Belgium, you discover many endangered species: elephants, rhinos, giraffes, lions … Another example is the park of the wetland mangaliso, a reserve a unique UNESCO world heritage site which is also one of the areas of the world where there is a significant amount of titanium ore, but the exploitation of which is prohibited in order to protect this exceptional environment.


The Bahamas is probably one of the few places in the Caribbean and a good reason to go in 2018.Once there, if you love the unspoiled waters, you will take full eyes so the waters of the Bahamian offer unexpected colors. Sometimes dark blue or turquoise blue, the whole is absolutely remarkable.Furthermore, does not hesitate to go to Eleuthera, an unspoiled island where the nature still keeps its nobility.