Sunday 24 October 2021
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The Smokey eyes Tricks: easy to master

The Smokey eyes Tricks: easy to master

If you believe that Smokey eyes are a red carpet art, think again! Here’s how to make smoky eyes worthy of the biggest stars in 5 minutes.

The Smokeyeyes are a timeless eye makeup technique that any fashionista should master. Even if it comes mostly in black, know that you can illuminate and enlarge your eyes by creating smoky eyes in the shades nude, golden, plum or green. It’s about finding the color that best matches your iris.It is not as hard as winning the pennsylvania lottery bonus code and making use of it, but still the craftiness will be there and you will have to make the full use of the same.

Which color to choose?

Black is suitable for all irises.

The golden or coppery tones bring out the blue eyes.

The shades of brown and pink go perfectly with hazel eyes.

The shades of plum highlight the green eyes.

All colors are suitable for brown eyes; the only limit is your imagination!

All colors are allowed!

The Smokeyeyes are an intense eye makeup, but it must be performed with subtlety. The entire outline of the eye is made up with several shades, in shades and pencils, which overlap delicately. In order to work this technique well, it is better to find a palette that offers several shades of the same color. If you choose a green cast, you can go from the lightest green to brown and even to the charcoal. The blues can shoot up to purple and the beiges, very nude, agree well with browns and can superimpose the matte and pearly finishes.

Step 1: Flawless complexion

Before starting the makeup of your eyes, you must have an irreproachable complexion.

Step 2: Make the Smokey eyes

Apply a light eye shadow over the entire eyelid and at the bottom of the brow bone. With an eye pencil of the color of your choice, draw a coarse line along your upper eyelid, and then blend it with your fingertips.Using a brush, apply an eye shadow of the same shade as your pencil into the middle of the upper eyelid.

Proceed in the same way for the lower eyelid. Make a line with the tracer pen, and then blend it slightly. Extend the dark shade of the eye shadow in the corner of the eye and upper eyelid. To further intensify your look, do not forget to put a layer of mascara. The most daring will choose one that harmonizes with the tint of their smoky eye!

Good to know: just before applying the eye shadow, shake your brush. This will allow you to eliminate excess powder and avoid the “raccoon effect”!